Wednesday, May 11, 2011

OK Sweetheart

Our house was recently the location for a video shoot. OK Sweetheart filmed a music video for the song "Home," the title track on their recently released album. The video, filmed by Nathan Presley, features OK Sweetheart's Erin Austin. I don't think our house has ever looked so cute. Other Wedgwood residents participated, too. You'll see their houses, at least their opening doors, in the part of the video where Erin delivers cakes to her new neighbors.
Here a few behind-the-scene photographs.
Our bathroom became a makeshift wardrobe room.
The family room furniture was moved into the living room. The family room needed to be bare for the "moving-in" segment of the video. 
While Erin and Nathan are filming in the kitchen, baked goods are being prepared. These are the confections Erin will take to the neighbors. 
 They're inedible props, but they sure smelled good.

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Dana@Mid2Mod said...

What fun! And you're right...your house looked amazing in the video! Congrats!


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