Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Center door knob

One of the little quirks of our house is that the doorknob on our front door is positioned on the center of the door. 
The Asian style escutcheon was manufactured by Schlage and is original to the house. The exterior black and red color scheme is also original to the exterior of the house. Although the house has been repainted many times over the last 55 years, the color scheme has always remained the same.
Here's how the center doorknob looks from the inside. If this photo looks familiar, it's because I've used it before in my post about my inability to keep a houseplant alive
For a sad update to that post, here is the current condition of the plant. I still haven't found a fake plant for a replacement. 


Midcenturymadam said...

I loved your door and entry. Poor plant. I have the same luck with the green things.

walks-a-lot said...

Until someone told me to water my houseplants only every other week, mine died too. I have ivy that has lived in the bathroom for 20 years if you want some of it. I also have some 1970ish fake ivy if you want it. We live in a bungalow near downtown Tulsa that was entirely pink when we moved in. I let my husband paint all the walls except for one bedroom. The pink peony wallpaper is probably from the late 40s and I love it too much to cover it up.

walks-a-lot said...

My plants looked like that until I limited watering to once every 2 weeks. I'd be happy to give away some of the ivy that has lived in my bathroom for 20 years. I also have some 1970ish fake ivy if you want it. I admire you for keeping the cool features of your house. When we moved into our all pink bungalow near downtown Tulsa, we ripped out everything except the pretty pink peony wallpaper in one bedroom.


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