Monday, August 30, 2010

Flea Market Finds

I didn't find a lot at the flea market on Saturday, except some old magazines. I got an issue of Woman's Home Companion from my favorite year, 1955, which is the year our house was built. The other 3 magazines are from the 1940s. The McCall's April, 1946 issue shows a little girl holding her Shirley Temple doll, and presumably waving her father off to war. I got another Woman's Home Companion from 1947 and a Ladies' Home Journal from 1941 that has a pretty bride on the cover.

I saw some nice things at the flea market that I didn't buy. There was a really nice aluminum glider with the original cushions, which were upholstered in vinyl with a '60s floral pattern. The glider must have been kept in a sunroom, because it looked nearly brand new. I'll have to start taking my camera with me so I can show off the things I see, but don't buy.  
After the flea market, I went to an estate sale. It was the final day of the sale and everything was picked over. Despite that, I still found a few small things. Everything was marked down by 75 percent.
I found some vintage embroidered tea towels in aqua and pink, a picture frame from the '50s, and an old chrome waffle iron. I have actually been looking for picture frame like this, so I was happy to find it for only 50 cents. 
The waffle iron is from the '60s or '70s, I'm guessing. It has wooden handles, instead of bakelite like the older ones have. It isn't too new, because it is the type of appliance with a detachable electrical cord. Saturday turned out to be a pretty fun day. I had fun looking at things at the flea market, found a few things to buy, and spent very little money!


Maria Stahl said...

I love your huck towels. Up here we call that Swedish embroidery. Only visible on the top because you just pick up the top threads in the huck weave, you don't dip the needle all the way through with the stitches. Gorgeous.

vegan.vintagette said...

Weekends don't come soon enough! I just love estate sales. Great finds!

Jennie@Wedgwood Tulsa said...


I thought there probably was a name for this type of embroidery. Thanks!


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