Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saturday Road Trip

My husband and I decided to go on a little road trip on Saturday. We went to McAlester and Krebs, Oklahoma to do some antique shopping and to eat at an amazing Italian restraunt called Pete's Place. Along the way, we stopped in Henryetta, Oklahoma where we saw this beautifully restored or very well maintained DX station. In McAlester, we saw several more nice gas stations, but I forgot to take photos. I'll blame my absent-mindedness on the heat.
We both found some nice things in an antique shop in McAlester. Oddly, everything we bought was from the same store. This store had air conditioning which may be why we spent a little more time there. I got a 1950s Napco lady head vase and a vintage Le Creuset cast iron skillet in the classic orange color. I'm hoping to get more Le Creuset cookware in the future in a combination of orange and Marilyn blue, which was the turquoise color that Marilyn Monroe owned.
My husband found a really cool yearbook of country music from 1960.
It's The Original Country Music Who's Who Annual for 1960 and it's filled with really great ads for all of the country stars.
Hawkshaw Hawkins and his pencil-thin mustache.
His lovely wife, Jean Shepard.
Town Hall Party featuring Skeets McDonald, Tex Ritter, Joe and Rose Lee Maphis, and Oklahoma's own Johnny Bond.
This Nudie Cohen ad is really striking. It simply states, "Nudie" because what more do you need to say. If you needed a sparkly western suit, Nudie was the man to see.
The Collins Kids
I haven't actually heard of Abbie Neal and her Ranch Girls, but now that I've seen this ad I will have to find out more about them. The ad says they're "America's Most Versatile All Girl Band."
Hank Thompson, the most handsome country star ever (although this photo isn't the best) and the Queen of Rockabilly, Wanda Jackson.

After we were worn out from all that antique shopping, we went to Krebs to eat at Pete's Place. Pete's Place serves up giant helpings of delicious Italian food. I intended to take more photos, but forgot. So, I can tell you about Pete's Place, but can't show any photos. I'm sure we'll go back to McAlester and Krebs soon, so I'll be sure to post about it again with more photos.


Marilyn said...

We are headed to Krebs as soon as we can. We shop at Lavera's grocery. I buy their Italian sausage, pasta, sauce and mozarella. I freeze it for eating during the winter. YUMMY. Glad you got to enjoy it. I will definitely have to check out the antique stores.

Jennie@Wedgwood Tulsa said...

We just ate up the last of our Lovera's sausage last night. Their cheese is on our list of things to try. Have fun when you head down there!

icicular said...

Next time, you should eat at Giacomo's in McAlester! It's EXACTLY the same food as Pete's (and Rosanne's, and Isle of Capri for that matter) but the building and furniture is completely untouched 50s and 60s modern. Even the children's booster seats are early 60s leatherette! Heck, even the outdoor smoke-hole for the dishwashers has blonde 50s chairs under an awning! You GOTTA go!!!! Mandy and I ate there with my parents yesterday. Give us a holler!


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