Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flea Market Finds

"Flea Market Finds" is my weekly segment of the blog where I show all the junk I bought over the weekend. Every Saturday, I go to the flea market at the fairgrounds, and sometimes I also go to estate sales and thrift stores. Normally, I post my flea market finds on Monday, but I'm running a little bit behind this week.
McCall's Magazine April 1955. The cover features Eleven Busiest Models. One of the models is Jean Patchett, perhaps the most famous fashion model of the 1950s. I don't know the names of the other models. 

I didn't take a close look at the magazine until I got it home. I was pleasantly surprised by an article in it. This issue has an article called A House of Steel about a Jones-Eichler designed house at the United States Gypsum Research Village in Barrington Woods, Illinois. The house is gorgeous! For more information on the house, visit the Eichler Network
Big Boy Cookbook from 1957. Look at the size of those steaks on the grill! Besides telling you everything you need to know about barbecuing, this book has some really good illustrations inside. Heck, it's worth having for the cover alone.
As I was out running errands, I stopped at an estate sale that I just happened to pass along the way. I found two vintage tablecloths. One is this pale yellow tablecloth with a bright pink and red floral pattern.
The other is a pretty pink tablecloth bordered in a floral design of lilac, jade green, cream, and copper. It looks like it has never been used. That's all for my weekend flea market finds. Until next week, happy thrifting!


Heidi Ann said...

Too funny - I found that very same "Big Boy" cookbook just recently! Love all of your other stuff, too!

Jamie said...

I want to see the magazine! Looks very interesting.

moviemag46 said...

The redhead directly behind Jean is Suzy Parker, and the brunette behind Suzy is Suzy's older sister Dorian Leigh.


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