Sunday, June 13, 2010

Patio Improvement?

My husband and I attempted to remove the paint from our patio. The photo above shows how awful the painted concrete looked. The paint was weathered and chipping off. If you are ever thinking of painting concrete, I can save you some trouble by saying that paint does not stick to concrete. In a few years, the concrete will look they way mine does in the photo above. The most frustrating thing about this whole project to was the knowledge that the paint was only applied shortly before we bought the house. The paint looked like it was freshly applied, but it didn't take long before it started chipping off. Once the paint started chipping off, we could see that there weren't any other layers of paint underneath. 
Trying to remove the paint was a lot of hard work. It took us two long days to get the patio looking the way it appears in the photo above. First, we thought we could use a paint remover. That idea didn't work because the labels on all of the paint removers warned not to use the product in high temperatures. It's hot in Oklahoma at this time of year, and the concrete surface is even hotter. We had to find another way to remove the paint.
The next idea we had was to use a power-washer. My father-in-law suggested using a degreaser first to loosen up the paint. His suggestion helped a lot. We scrubbed the patio with degreaser and a wire brush. Then, we power-washed it. Almost all of the grey patio paint came off, but the primer underneath didn't come off as easily. It isn't much of an improvement, but my hope is that the remainder of the paint will wear off quickly now that there isn't as much there.  

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