Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New VCT Floor Is Finally Here!

The installation of our new floor was completed on Saturday. The green carpet is gone! We decided to tile the family room and kitchen in VCT to bring back the original look of the house. We kept the original diagonal pattern. However, we went with a different color scheme from the original two-toned brown. 
Instead, we chose to liven up the room with a combination of turquoise and white. The tile is Azrock Cortina Colors in Cirrus and Spearmint. Cirrus is white with specks of aqua, yellow, and coral.
The main reason for choosing the turquoise VCT is that it goes really well with our '50s turquoise kitchen. Getting stuck with the color wasn't really an issue because we will never want to replace the original Formica countertops.
There were worries that this color combination might look too wild. It was also hard to imagine how the floor would look when it was completed. We've seen lots of houses with VCT floors in neutral colors like white or black (they always look beautiful), but we haven't seen anyone do their floors in turquoise and thought that might be for a good reason. We seriously considered using Azrock VCT in Autumn Haze, which is a streaky light tan that looks vintage. In the end, we realized that we're just not beige people. That's one of the reasons we love all this mid-century modern stuff! Colorful kitsch is okay with us.
The floor isn't quite finished. It was waxed today. Tomorrow it is getting buffed. Then, we have to reattach the quarter round molding, replace the air register covers, and move all the furniture back into the room. We should have this project completed just in time for the new carpet to be installed in the living room on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

My daughter could never be a "beige" person. It is gorgeous, looks so pulled together. I am getting canvas tomorrow to start the painting.

Elecat said...

Yay... Go colour! :) I too find it hard to picture things 100% in my mind & I second guess myself but it's always best to go with your (educated) instincts.

Mick said...

What a great job! I thikn the colors look fantstic, and cant wait to see it all done with the new carpet and furniature. Had my kitchen not had its original 1943 green and white checkered floor I Provably would house used the same type of tile. I keep goingbo to the pictures and just staring, it looks wonderful!

Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

ahhhhh. I LOVE it! It's perfect, really. You have such great vision :)

Wedgwood Tulsa said...

Thank you. That's a very nice compliment.

neen000 said...

Wow, it looks amazing and it really does compliment the countertops!

Grace Conway said...

I love it!!! So sad when I see people renovating and tearing out all "the old 50's stuff". Lovely to know other people appreciate the things fabricated in another era. I didn't grow up in the 50's but I sometimes wish I had!Thank you for posting these photos.


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