Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Curtains Too Short

One thing I didn't consider when we replaced our carpet with tile was the length of the drapes. The carpet added about 2 inches of height to the floor. When we removed the carpet, the drapes were too short. They looked ridiculous. The photo below shows how the curtains looked after we pulled up the old flooring.
Luckily, there was enough extra fabric in the hem to lengthen the drapes. I really dreaded this project because I just finished making these drapes and it was quite an ordeal. The barkcloth fabric is very thick and the blackout lining I used added even more thickness to the drapes. Sewing in the pinch-pleats was impossible. My machine just couldn't handle the thickness of the fabric. A local drapery shop had to sew in the pleats. When I picked up the finished drapes, they told me it was the worst job they'd ever had! That made me feel better about being unable to finish the drapes myself.
Now, I had to start working on the drapes all over again. My mom helped me rip out the old hem. The extra help was much appreciated, since I dreaded this project so much.
Just as I began to sew in the new hem, my fairly new sewing machine started having problems. Thankfully, I have my great-grandmother's old sewing machine, a classic black Singer from the 1950s.  Granny's machine helped me finish one panel, and then it also started having problems. I think once I have it cleaned it will work again.
I took the newer machine in for repair and it turned out that it's just a thread snob. It only works when very high quality thread is used. Once I bought some better thread, the machine worked just fine and I was able to finish sewing the drapes. I'm so happy to be done with this project.
The drapes are made from Melinamade barkcloth in Boomerang White. If I were to do this project again, I would use a thinner lining. Blackout lining isn't really necessary with fabric this thick.


Mick said...

They Look great! I may have ot order some of that cloth the next time the "Turquoise room" needs new drapes!

Midcenturymadam said...

Great job. I despise hemming anything much less yards and yards of drapery! sending you a virtual pat on the back. Your floor looks amazing with the drapery. Okay now, can we see some pictures of the finished product with your furniture in place?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the lining will keep the drapes from fading. So happy you finished the huge job. What is next? They look fantastic.


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