Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1950s Atomic Ranch House - This Is For You

A fellow blogger at the super cool 1950s Atomic Ranch House asked to see what was behind the big wall of barkcloth curtains. I showed some photos of the family room yesterday, but I had taken the photos with the drapes closed. There was no telling what might have been hiding behind those giant curtains. Here are a few photos with the curtains open to reveal the gliding patio door and windows.
The house still has its original windows and doors from 1955. Some people dislike this type of patio door for its plainness, but I disagree. Someone who visited our house once asked if we were going to replace them with French doors. GASP!
If you haven't already, be sure to check out the blog, 1950's Atomic Ranch House. You won't want to miss it.


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh wowie wow!! =D THANK you for showing more!

I wondered if it's like my living room windows and it is!

And I love how it looks like you have one big curtain that opens up to your backyard, just like mine! Plain porch and all! =D

Mine is still in the works, but now I know how good it will look. Original windows and all here too!

Beautiful yard, beautiful house, thank you SO much for sharing more of it!

(Apologies for taking so long to "follow" and add you to my blogroll, for a while there I could not "follow" blogs due to some glitch grrr lol)

Vintage Christine said...

1950's Atomic Ranch Lady is one of my bestest bloggy friends--she is just so cool! And funny! And best of all, she likes ME!!!! I'm going to follow your blog just because you were horrified that someone suggested replacing those sliding glass doors with French doors. Horrors is right!

Elecat said...

Love your house even more now. Much prefe sliding doors to bifolds or french. My first house was a tiny cottage with beautiful french doors to the front garden and my Mum has french doors leading from her room to a small paved French style outdoor eating area & garden but (like bay windows) french doors can look 'puke' on the wrong house. Most of the time, the original house features are by far the best and I can't understand why people want to change them. You would probably love the house I'm in now. I'd love to bring it back to its former glory but it's a short term rental & it's location dictates that even if it when on the market; it would be over our price range. (1950s atomic ranch: So glad that someone else has blogging issues, lol!) :)

Elecat said...

P.S. Thanks for following me! :)

Retro Keith said...

hello new blog friend. I have a second living room that needs a complete retro refurb. I thought about using VCT but was not sure how it would look. Now that I see your pictures, I am convinced I am going to do it.. I love the colors you picked!

Retro Keith said...

floor is awesome!

Zootsuitmama said...

Cool blog! Oh yeah, like the guy who came to my house and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I remember when I had to live with garage sale stuff too." I was glad my friend that was dating this fool dumped him quick. LOL

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh geez zootsuitmama. I mentioned on my blog how I had a plumber in and the first thing he said when he looked around my living room was "WHOA! A blast to the past! 1960's!!" in a sarcastic tone. Went on to say he has NO idea why I'd want to keep the house old and original (and ugly, to him).

Well, it's 1950's bud, and he didn't get my $5,000 plumbing job, that's for sure!


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