Friday, April 16, 2010

Inspiring Interiors from Armstrong 1950s

I bought this book called "Inspiring Images from Armstrong 1950s" thinking it would help me decide on a VCT tile pattern for the house. The book is filled with images created by Armstrong Tile for advertising purposes, to show customers how they might use Armstrong tile in their homes. Although we ended up using none of the ideas in it, I'm really glad I bought the book. 

The book is frequently advertised in Atomic Ranch magazine, but somehow it never really piqued my interest. It seemed to me that photos from a tile company wouldn't be that exciting. The Early American style interior on the cover led me to believe that the book didn't contain many photos of mid-century modern rooms. Boy, was I wrong. 

Instead, it's a really fun read that shows imaginative and colorful interiors from the 1950s. The focus is on the flooring, but all of the rooms are fully furnished and decorated, which makes this book a great source of information and ideas for mid-century modern homeowners. If you appreciate the not so subtle designs of the '50s, you're sure to love this book.

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