Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Green Carpet Must Go

Finally, it is time to replace the bright green carpet in our house. We have decided to restore the floor to its original 1955 look, which uses a combination of tile and carpet. The kitchen and adjacent dining area and family room will be tiled in vinyl composition tile. The dining area and family room will also have area rugs in curvy 1950s shapes. The remainder of the house, except for the bathrooms, will be carpeted in the same carpet as the area rugs.
Floor in 1955
We've narrowed the VCT selection down to 3 choices. After we make a decision on the VCT, we'll pick out the carpet to match. All of the tile we have picked out is from Azrock's Cortina Classics line.

One possibility is Cirrus, Spearmint and Buff. The tile would be laid out in the same pattern as the original floor, in the order of 3 rows of Cirrus, 1 row of Spearmint, 3 rows of Cirrus, and 1 row of Buff. The carpet would be the color of the Buff tile.

We could also use only Cirrus and Spearmint. Then, the carpet would probably need to be white. Even though I love white carpet (see Graceland post) I know it would be high-maintenance. While these tiles are my favorite, I also worry that they might be too tacky and busy.



The next set of tiles we're considering is Elemental and Brazilia. This tile is a close match to the original tile in the house. We would choose carpet to match the Elemental tile. The only hesitation I have about this is that it might be too drab. With brown wood kitchen cabinets and a large wood-paneled wall, this tile might add too much brown. Maybe living with bright green carpet for so long has distorted my perception of color.
The remaining option is Autumn Haze. What I really like about this tile is that the way that the streaky mottling gives it a more authentic 1950s look. The color is light and it looks good with everything else in the house. Finding matching carpet will be no problem. If we choose this tile, we won't be able to replicate the two-toned pattern of the original floor. While I worry that the first group might be too wild, and the second group too dark and drab, I think this tile might be to boring.
Autumn Haze
To give a better idea of how the tile might look in the room, here are a few current photos of the house with the floors that will be replaced.


Jamie said...

What about using a carpet that is similar to the first tile in the three color concept? (Was it called Buff?) It would be easier to care for than white carpet. I like the idea of three tones. Will you be replacing the bathroom wallpaper?

Mick said...

Which ever you do will look fantastic! Im falling in love with your place!!!

Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

Spearmint is my fave! Your home is lovely :)

Retro-luxe said...

I like all the choices except for spearmint and cirrus- they're retro and cool but perhaps too busy and then you're locked into a color scheme. After obsessing on floors for months, I chose Azrock Cortina Autumn Haze. I have the same kind of kitchen cabinets as you and they look great! Not boring at all but not too busy either. I am sorry to see that cheerful carpet go. Perhaps you could have a rug cut and bound from it? Your pad looks great! How awesome that you have those old photos...

Sara said...

Love the blog and home! The three color concept is very cool but maybe cirrus would show a lot of dirt? Love spearmint!


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