Monday, September 27, 2010

To Be Continued

I don't want to be a downer, but I want everyone to know that due to a family emergency, there may not be any posts to this blog for a short while. My dad is in the hospital in critical condition after apparently suffering a heart attack. I just want everyone to know that this blog has not been abandoned, and that I will start posting again soon. I can't offer a timeline, yet. Please check back soon for more posts. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're Back!

My husband and I just returned last weekend from a two-week vacation. We drove to San Francisco, stayed there for about a week, then stopped at Yosemite National Park and the Grand Canyon on the return home. We tried to photograph as many old Route 66 motel signs as we could along the way. The sign above is from the El Vado Motel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Sadly, this motel has closed and the windows are boarded up. 
Other stops in Albuquerque included the Dog House,
The El Don Motel, 
and Monterey Motel.
Our next stop was Holbrook, Arizona, where we stayed at the Wigwam Motel. I couldn't resist making this photo black and white. 
Other places in Holbrook include Brad's Desert Inn,
El Rancho Motel,
and Holbrook Inn.
In Seligman we spotted the Supai Motel,
and the Copper Cart restaurant.
Further down the road in Kingman, Arizona are the Hill Top Motel, 
Orchard Inn,
and El Trovatore Motel.
Near the Grand Canyon, in Williams, Arizona is the Turquoise Tepee, which is not a motel, but a curio shop. There are many motels along Route 66 in Williams, but we didn't take many photos, since we've been here before and have lots of photos already.
We were sad that we couldn't stay on vacation longer, but a stop at Pop's in Arcadia, Oklahoma cheered us up. Pop's is a contemporary Route 66 attraction with a 66 foot tall pop bottle sculpture, gas station, diner, and a "soda ranch" that sells nearly every type of soda pop imaginable. We had burgers and fries at the diner and then selected several varieties of pop to take home, such as Moxie Blue Creme Soda (delicious), Bubble Up, and Rye Cola. 
Our last Route 66 stop was at the Round Barn in Arcadia, then we made our way back home to Tulsa. 

Monday, September 20, 2010

1957 Ranch House

Take a look at this large 1957 ranch house that's currently for sale in our neighborhood.
There was an open house on Sunday, and I went nuts when I saw all the original features in this house. Hopefully, the person who buys it will appreciate them, too.
The house has nearly 3300 square feet of living space with 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, a 2 car garage, and it sits on a 1/2 acre of land. I'm not the associated with the realtor, but if you would like to see the listing, here is a link.
 The house has the original Nu-Tone door chime and clock.
A built-in planter divides the living room and the dining room. Many musicians entertained in  this house, including Dizzy Gillespie. It's said that he cut his hand on this planter.
This pink and black bathroom is one of 3 bathrooms in the house. Aside from the wallpaper, it appears that everything is original to the house. 
It has a pink sink, toilet, and corner tub. 
These towel rings are just like the ones in our house, except they're black with gold glitter. Ours are clear with gold glitter. 
One of the bedrooms has a built-in vanity with a pink tile countertop and vintage bullet wall sconces. There are 3 closets in this room with their original doors and hardware. 
This unusual ceiling fixture is in one of the bedrooms. All of the ceiling fixtures appear to be original to the house. 
One of the most unusual features of the house is the large bar area. 
The circular wet-bar has 1950s Formica countertops and a Nu-Tone appliance center built into the countertop. The knobs on the cabinets are surely original. 
The curved built-in seat is one of two in the bar area. The backs of the seats are covered in pink boomerang Formica. 
A brass starburst escutcheon adorns a doorknob on the interior of the house. 
This bathroom has burgundy and peach tile, with matching peach fixtures, including a corner bathtub.

The third bathroom is tiled in a pretty shade of green. 
It has a green corner sink, and the original light fixture, medicine cabinet, soap holder, toothbrush holder, and Nu-Tone fan. 
This bathroom has floral accent tile, and a lucite towel ring with gold glitter. This towel ring is identical to some of the towel rings in our house. 
I just hope that the person who buys this house will not destroy all of the cool things found inside. 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Center door knob

One of the little quirks of our house is that the doorknob on our front door is positioned on the center of the door. 
The Asian style escutcheon was manufactured by Schlage and is original to the house. The exterior black and red color scheme is also original to the exterior of the house. Although the house has been repainted many times over the last 55 years, the color scheme has always remained the same.
Here's how the center doorknob looks from the inside. If this photo looks familiar, it's because I've used it before in my post about my inability to keep a houseplant alive
For a sad update to that post, here is the current condition of the plant. I still haven't found a fake plant for a replacement. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Frankoma Trivets

My grandma gave me these black trivets when I was 11 years old. She thought I should have them because they were from the '50s. It seems strange for a little girl to have her own trivets, but I did. 

The trivets were manufactured by Frankoma, although they're not in the usual Frankoma style. They are solid black with a fleur-de-lis design. Frankoma pottery typically comes in earthy colors, like green, gold, and brown. Sometimes the red clay is allowed to show through the raised patterns, like the trivets in the photo below. 
Although I don't really collect Frankoma, I have several pieces of it. The Frankoma factory is located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, which is a town west of Tulsa. I suppose it's fairly common for people in this area to have a few pieces of it, even if they don't collect Frankoma.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Turquoise Things

Nearly five years ago while we were in the process of looking for a new home to buy, I already had the interior color scheme for our future house picked out. I wanted the main colors throughout the house to be pink and turquoise, with smaller bits of orange and chartreuse. When I saw the turquoise kitchen and pink bathroom in this house, which is now ours, I was thrilled! Here some of the turquoise things in our house.
Franciscan Starburst dinnerware with aqua atomic starbursts
Aqua walls 
Midcentury modern fiberglass chairs in turquoise
Turquoise floor tile
Vintage Pyrex in turquoise, yellow, and pink
Turquoise rotary dial wall phone
Libbey Mediterranean glasses from the '50s with turquoise fish design
Barkcloth curtains with turquoise boomerangs
Midcentury sputnik lamp 
Francie, the turquoise poodle
Turquoise drawer pulls 
Sink and countertops


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