Sunday, August 30, 2009

Telescoping Towel Rods

Telescoping towel rods extend from the wall ...
and collapse back into the wall when not in use.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pink Bathroom

Pink bathrooms—you either love them or hate them. I happen to be the type who loves them, so when we bought our house 4 years ago, I was really excited to finally have one. I was not so excited about the big brown sink or the carpeting, which we removed before we even finished moving in. Underneath the smelly carpet was a lovely pink tiled floor.
I quickly started the search for a replacement sink. The original pink toilet was still in place, so I wanted to find a sink that would match. It was made by Kohler, so I searched period magazines for Kohler ads to find out how the sink should look. Eventually a pink Kohler toilet and sink set came up on Ebay. The toilet in the set was identical to the one in our house, so I knew the sink would match.
The next thing we replaced was the light fixture, which looked like it had been installed at the time the brown sink was put in the bathroom. I found this really cool light fixture on Ebay. It was glass with gold spage-age designs printed on it. I won the auction, but unfortunately, the seller wrapped it only in saran wrap, with no bubble wrap or peanuts in the box. Of course it was broken into tiny shards of glass when it arrived. It was really sad.

I found another vintage light fixture that is correct to the period, but quite plain. I'm still looking for another light fixture like the one that arrived broken.
The original medicine cabinet had been replaced with a mirror, which didn’t give us much storage space in this small bathroom. We replaced the mirror with a simple medicine cabinet from Lowe’s.
The curtain came in a box of vintage fabrics that I bought years ago. It is a temporary fix until I find just the right fabric.
This is how the walls originally looked. This photo was taken from inside the linen closet.

While I’m on the subject of pink bathrooms, I’d like to mention a website devoted entirely to pink bathrooms. It’s called Save The Pink Bathrooms. If you own a pink bathroom, you can take the pledge to save yours by posting a photo on the website.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Floor Plans for Tanglewood Neighborhood Added

The Tanglewood neighborhood has just been added to the Parade of Homes album at The Parade of Homes album has drawings and descriptions of all the houses on the 1956 Parade of Homes in Tulsa. Most of the houses are mid-century modern ranch houses.

Tanglewood is the final last neighborhood that I needed to post, so now the whole plan book is published on the website. The houses are beautiful and the descriptions are really fun to read, so I hope you will take a quick moment to check it out. Enjoy!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mid-Century Modern Guest Bedroom

I've almost finished decorating the spare bedroom in our house. The furniture is from Heywood Wakefield’s Encore Line and it came from an estate auction. The turquoise fiberglass chairs are from an antique mall. I’ve had the Beach Party poster since I was 11 or 12 years old.

The '50s Chartreuse lamp is from Ebay. The hula girl belonged to my great-grandmother. It sits on her old sewing machine that she used to sew countless objects. She was a seamstress who made custom western shirts. Next to the hula girl is an autographed photo of James Darren in his role as Moondoggie in Gidget.

The curtains are made from vintage barkcloth. The chartreuse lamps came from an antique mall and the shades were custom made by Moon Shine Shades. The bedding is from Target. The pretty blonde bass is an Engelhardt Swingmaster.
I bought the Frankie Avalon pillow at the flea market when I was about 12. I remember begging my dad to let me buy it. I was crazy for '50s and '60s stuff back then and my taste still hasn't changed. I still love those Frankie and Annette movies, too. Unlike the other Heywood Wakefield furniture in this room, the nightstand in this photo is from their Trophy line.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Libbey Mediterranean Glassware Vintage and New

In 1955, Libbey came out with new designs in their Continental glassware line designed "for young America." One of these new designs, called Mediterranean, has a mid-century modern fish design in turquoise and silver. The rims are silver, also. We've found 6 different glass shapes, but pilsner glasses were also available. We've been collecting these vintage glasses for several years and have amassed a pretty large collection.
Libbey sold the glassware in boxed in sets of 8 in each type of glass. A set of 8 tumblers cost $3.50 in 1955, while a set of 8 pilsner glasses sold for $5.50.
This design has been reissued, so watch out for reproductions if you want the real thing. Reproductions are frequently sold as vintage glassware. The first 2 photos show the vintage glassware. The photo above shows the new glassware with the same atomic fish design. These glasses are reproductions that we bought at Restoration Hardware several years ago. The differences are quite noticeable when the glasses are side-by-side. The sizes and shapes are different from the older glasses. Another difference between the reproduction and vintage glassware is that the original glasses have silver and turquoise fish, while the new glasses have turquoise and black fish. Also, the rims on the old glasses are silver and the rims on the reissued glasses are not.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Light Fixtures from Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation has a introduced a new style to their mid-century line of light fixtures. It's called the Corona and it's based on a design from 1959. They offer the light in several colors, including turquoise and orange. It's available as a singe pendant, or grouped into 3 pendants. They're priced from $199 to $699.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I envy Elvis. On a recent trip to Memphis, I saw a room I don't remember seeing when I visited Graceland years ago. It makes me wonder if they have recently opened this room to the public, because I'm sure I couldn't have forgotten what I saw there on this most recent trip- poodle wallpaper. If only I could have wallpaper like that in my house.

Another thing about Graceland that I love is the plush white carpet. Carpet is out of style but it makes no difference to me.

Check out this fabulous '50s lamp, if you can see it for the reflection of the glass.

Television set that was given to Elvis in the 1950s. Too bad we can't tour Graceland as it looked in the '50s.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Vintage 1950s pink shelf

When we viewed our house before buying it, there was a pink metal shelf on the wall in one bathroom that had clearly been there since the '50s. In our contract, it stated that anything attached to the walls, such as shelving, cabinets, and mirrors, was to be sold with the house. It was a disappointment when we moved in, to find that the shelf was gone. A mirror on the bathroom door had also been removed, which would have been no big deal, except that it had been on the wood door for so long that the area that wasn't covered by the mirror darkened over the years. Of course, there where also holes in the door where the bolts held the mirror in place. So, we were left with a discolored door with holes. Also, the mirror was larger than the ones typically sold in stores, so to cover up the ugly spot on the door, we will have to have a mirror custom made.

None of this was the fault of the previous owner. The lady who sold us the house moved into a nursing home. Everything left from her estate sale was picked up by Sertoma. Let's just say they took their job very seriously, and took some things they weren't entitled to have.

I really liked that pink bathroom shelf, and I've kept my eye out for another one like it ever since. A few weeks ago, I found a similar shelf at the flea market at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. This one is black instead of pink, and there is only one shelf, while the other one had two shelves. It's not modern in style, but it is a very sweet vintage shelf. I painted it pink and now it is perfect for displaying some of my spaghetti poodles.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Retro Light Fixtures pt.2

In one of the funkiest areas of the house, there is a pole lamp coming out of a planter in the kitchen. The plastic plants seem to be original to the house. I actually took them all down to wash them and them put them back up. In the background is another one of the double sided bullet sconces. This one is placed horizontally.

There was originally a Nelson-type bubble lamp in the kitchen where this sputnik light is now. When we moved in, the original fixture had been replaced by a 1970s “flower lamp,” so we switched it out for this sputnik lamp that we bought on Ebay.

This is another light fixture from Ebay. I really like how the cone shape is combined with the sputnik lights. We don’t have any old photos of this room, so we don’t know what type of light was here originally. There was a ceiling fan here when we moved in.

A Double bullet sconce is another of the original fixtures in the house. There is a matching single bullet sconce in the hall.

The ceiling fixtures in the bathroom are another Ebay find. These fixtures are very similar to the original bathroom lights. Fortunately, we had photos of the bathroom in 1955 to go by when replacing the 1970s flower shaped lights that were in the bathroom when we bought the house. I never would have thought to put lights like this in the bathroom. We found a light fixture on Ebay that is identical to the original bathroom lights. The bad news is that we could only find one and there are two of them in the bathroom. We’re still looking. Surely another one will turn up someday.

Retro Light Fixtures pt.1

I have a mild addiction to funky vintage lamps, so it’s probably no surprise that the vintage light fixtures are some of my favorite things in my house. When I first saw the house, I was impressed that so many of the vintage fixtures were still in place. Because they’re easy to replace, they’re often one of the first things to go when someone is ready to update a room.

This fixture is original to the house. There are several other light fixtures identical to this one throughout.

This fiberglass bullet sconce is also original to the house. This sconce is in one of the bedrooms and there’s one like it inside the wet bar. We bought a desk lamp with the same fiberglass shades from Ebay.

This flying saucer lamp has also been in the house since 1955.

We replaced the 1970s stained glass chandelier in the dining area with this bubble lamp designed by George Nelson. We knew from the old pictures of our house that it originally had a fixture like this in the very same spot. It’s not vintage, but brand new from Modernica.


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