Monday, December 28, 2009

Vintage Doorchimes For Your Mid-Century Ranch House

KNOCK Doorbells has a wonderful selection of restored vintage door chimes for sale. They also offer restoration services. So, if you have an old doorbell that you love, they can make it like new.
My personal favorite is this Nutone doorbell/clock combination from the mid- 1950s.
This one is new old stock and still has the original box. 
This doorbell is like the one in our house. This one has been painted black, which looks a lot better than the original wood finish that ours has. 

Here are a few others that I would prefer to have. The one with the treble clef was designed by Russel Wright.

In addition to restored vintage doorbells, they also sell brand new modern door chimes. These door chimes would look as good in a mid-century home as they would in a contemporary one. They come in teak, zebrawood, and walnut.


MoonDoggie said...

These are brilliant. My favourite is the first one too. I also really like the chrome starbust one and the moulded plywood one with the musical notes. But I'd take them all really.

Y'know, I've never actually lived in a house with a doorchime... My flat does have a horrible buzzer phone thing which makes me jump even when I'm expecting people.

I'll definitely look into getting some vintage door chimes in my future home.

Gretchen said...

Oh wow! What a great find -- I adore the small details on a house. Thanks for sharing.

Baz Mcm said...

Would love to find someone manufacturing these as wireless models.

Suppose one could buy a wireless model, tear out the guts, and encase in one of these.

Wheels. Are. Turning.

Killer post.



Mike said...

I found two of the those NuTone clock/chimes new in the box at an estate sale here in OKC. That was a great day!


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