Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

It's time to bring out the Santas! Here are some of the vintage Santa Claus decorations that adorn our house.
The Santa on a boot planter was a thrift store find, while the Santa inside the boot in the center is a family relic. The spaghetti Santa on the right is a bank that we bought a few years ago in an antique mall.
Even the wet bar is decorated for Christmas. The Holt-Howard winking Santa cups are (unfortunately) the only Holt-Howard Christmas decorations we have. The red and green Russel Wright Eclipse glasses fit in pretty well with the season. The mod Santa glasses in the carrier were given to us by my Grandmother. I not sure, but I think they came from the DX gas station where my Grandpa worked.The tray in the background is an antique mall purchase.
The snowy little house with Santa stuck in the chimney has small plastic pegs that allow the light to shine through. We've had this for as long as I can remember. Getting all those pegs to fit in the holes is a real pain. I remember competing with my brother to put the most pegs in because I wanted to do all of the decorating myself. It's funny how things that were so much fun as a kid seem like such a hassle after you grow up.
This is the same Santa bank pictured above.

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