Monday, December 28, 2009

Vintage Doorchimes For Your Mid-Century Ranch House

KNOCK Doorbells has a wonderful selection of restored vintage door chimes for sale. They also offer restoration services. So, if you have an old doorbell that you love, they can make it like new.
My personal favorite is this Nutone doorbell/clock combination from the mid- 1950s.
This one is new old stock and still has the original box. 
This doorbell is like the one in our house. This one has been painted black, which looks a lot better than the original wood finish that ours has. 

Here are a few others that I would prefer to have. The one with the treble clef was designed by Russel Wright.

In addition to restored vintage doorbells, they also sell brand new modern door chimes. These door chimes would look as good in a mid-century home as they would in a contemporary one. They come in teak, zebrawood, and walnut.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aunt Chick Christmas Cookies

It seems that everyone has at least one special tradition that must take place each Christmas. Whether it's hanging a special ornament on the tree, or having a certain dish at the dinner table. Without it, Christmas just doesn't feel like Christmas. For us, that tradition is baking Aunt Chick cookies. 

Aunt Chick was not my aunt. She was a local newspaper columnist whose real name was Nettie McBirney. In addition to her cooking column, she was also well known for her cookie cutters and other baking gadgets. 
This is the box of cookie cutters we have used every year throughout my entire life. It was originally my grandmothers and it's at least 50 years old. We still use these cookie cutters every year.

One of the finished products: a Santy cookie.

Fortunately, Aunt Chick's cookie cutters are still being produced. They can be purchased at Gramma's Cutters, Inc.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vintage Lucite Purse

I've wanted a '50s lucite handbag for years, and by years I mean since I was about 12 years old. Somehow, I've gone all this time without getting one. Maybe because they are often so expensive.  
I came across this little grey lucite purse at the flea market at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds. This one was affordable, so I bought it. I am so happy to finally have a lucite purse. I love its carved top. Regular readers of this blog know that I find a lot of my favorite things at the flea market.

It must be lucite handbag time for me, because today I saw this new book. It is filled with beautiful photos of 1950s lucite bags in all shapes and colors. There are bags that glow in the dark! My favorite is a bag shaped like a block of ice that has a metal handle shaped like ice tongs.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'll Have A Pink Christmas

We normally display two Christmas trees at our house - one in the living room and other in the family room. One is a pink tinsel tree and the other is traditional.  It's been a busy year, so we're trying to keep things simple. This year we decided to display only the pink tree.
In years past, we have decorated the pink tree with newer ornaments in white and silver. This year, we've gone vintage. The four boxes of pink Shiny Brite ornaments are a thrift store find. The rest of the ornaments belonged to my grandmother. The ornaments from my grandmother are probably from the early 50s, maybe earlier. There are a couple of mod 60s ornaments, too. One of the ornaments is unsilvered, which means it is was produced during WWII when there was a shortage of metals. I don't know why there is only one like that in the box. My guess is that the others got broken.
We bought this vintage pink tree topper made by Shiny Brite at an antique store.
Here's how the pink tree looks during the day.
At night it gives the entire room a pink glow.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintage Handmade Tree Skirt

A few years ago I found this handmade tree skirt from the 1950s or 1960s in a antique store and knew it would be perfect under our pink Christmas tree. The pink, yellow, and aqua color scheme was just what I was looking for. The appliqued designs are so cute, and they're even a bit modern.

The person who made this did a fine job. It's a shame that it didn't stay in their family.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sparkle Town Christmas Village

I love collecting vintage stuff, but have nothing against throwing a few modern reproductions into the mix. We found these reproduction putz houses made by Shiny Brite at a Christmas store in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Christmas village is called Sparkle Town. The store had the miniature cardboard village on clearance and the deal was too good to pass up. We got 3 houses, a church, and 2 green bottlebrush trees that have real glass ornaments attached to them.
We've mixed in some non-Shiny Brite decorations. The white trees are from Michael's, except for the tallest one, which is from Target's Be Merry collection.

The elves are vintage. They must have been my grandmother's, because I don't remember buying them.

This little Davy Jones of an elf rocks the maracas.
The small white house to the far right is the only vintage house we have in our Christmas village. The vintage house looks pretty shabby next to the new Shiny Bright houses.
The house with the skinny Santa standing on the porch is my favorite.
The vintage snowman on the left is one of 2 that we bought in an antique mall in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

It's time to bring out the Santas! Here are some of the vintage Santa Claus decorations that adorn our house.
The Santa on a boot planter was a thrift store find, while the Santa inside the boot in the center is a family relic. The spaghetti Santa on the right is a bank that we bought a few years ago in an antique mall.
Even the wet bar is decorated for Christmas. The Holt-Howard winking Santa cups are (unfortunately) the only Holt-Howard Christmas decorations we have. The red and green Russel Wright Eclipse glasses fit in pretty well with the season. The mod Santa glasses in the carrier were given to us by my Grandmother. I not sure, but I think they came from the DX gas station where my Grandpa worked.The tray in the background is an antique mall purchase.
The snowy little house with Santa stuck in the chimney has small plastic pegs that allow the light to shine through. We've had this for as long as I can remember. Getting all those pegs to fit in the holes is a real pain. I remember competing with my brother to put the most pegs in because I wanted to do all of the decorating myself. It's funny how things that were so much fun as a kid seem like such a hassle after you grow up.
This is the same Santa bank pictured above.


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