Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tiki Salt and Pepper Shakers from Trader Vics

On our recent trip to Santa Fe, we went to the most fabulous estate sale I have ever attended. It was in an old adobe house near downtown. I didn't expect an adobe house to be filled with vintage modern treasures, so I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw.

The first room I entered was filled with vintage shoes, mostly from the 60s, but all size 6 narrow. Down the hall was a closet filled with high quality vintage dresses, again, mostly Mad Men era Joan style dresses, and like the shoes, too small for me to wear.

My favorite object in the house was a very cool stereo console. Made by GE, it had a Danish modern style with spun aluminum legs. The speakers were attached to the console, and could be folded in to cover the front, or opened out. It was only $55, which I thought was an excellent price. It worked like a dream. Unfortunately, I couldn't convince my husband that we needed to buy it. He didn't want to drive home with a stereo console crammed in the back of the car. That is why I normally shop alone.

Throughout the house, there were mid-century modern flying saucer shaped light fixtures. They were already sold by the time we got there. There were some other things I wanted to buy, but got talked out of buying,  like 3 boxes of vintage Shiny Brite ornaments in blue. I did manage to get home with these vintage salt and pepper shakers from Trader Vic's.

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MoonDoggie said...

At least you managed to score the shakers. I got the same ones a few weeks ago - only non-vintage. http://moon-doggie.blogspot.com/2009/11/in-presence-of-presents.html

Vintage is best, naturally.


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