Friday, October 30, 2009

Mid-Century Modern Wallpaper from Bradbury & Bradbury

Bradbury & Bradbury Art Wallpapers offers mid-century modern wallpaper from the 1950s and 1960s in two collections they call The Atomic Age and the Mod Generation.

The Atomic Age, with wallpapers in six different patters, has a variety of designs to suit any 1950s mood. Island is a Tiki design, while Googieland is, well, Googie. The colors are mainly pink, turquoise, sage, grey, and brown.

The Mod Generation has twelve patterns that are perfect for any '60s pad. There seems to be even more variety in this group, which is also more colorful, with wallpapers in green, gold, pink, blue, and orange.

I ordered some samples and the quality of the wallpaper is excellent. It looks even better in person than online. They are priced between $58 and $72 per roll. 

Atomic Age: The 1950s

Atomic Doodle shown in pink. Also available in taupe and turquoise.
Also comes in bamboo, coconut, and turquoise. It's the perfect wallpaper for a Tiki room.
Gee Gee in grey. Also available in sage.
Boingo in grey, also comes in pink, taupe, and turquoise. This pattern is very similar to the wallpaper that was originally in our 1955 turquoise kitchen.

Googieland in turquoise. Also comes in grey, ivory, and sage.

Interlock in sage. Available in silver and grey.

The Mod Generation: 1960s
Hi-Fi in gold. Also comes in tambourine green and moody blue.

Grete in sea of green. Also comes in naugahyde and Earth green.

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