Monday, August 10, 2009

Vintage 1950s pink shelf

When we viewed our house before buying it, there was a pink metal shelf on the wall in one bathroom that had clearly been there since the '50s. In our contract, it stated that anything attached to the walls, such as shelving, cabinets, and mirrors, was to be sold with the house. It was a disappointment when we moved in, to find that the shelf was gone. A mirror on the bathroom door had also been removed, which would have been no big deal, except that it had been on the wood door for so long that the area that wasn't covered by the mirror darkened over the years. Of course, there where also holes in the door where the bolts held the mirror in place. So, we were left with a discolored door with holes. Also, the mirror was larger than the ones typically sold in stores, so to cover up the ugly spot on the door, we will have to have a mirror custom made.

None of this was the fault of the previous owner. The lady who sold us the house moved into a nursing home. Everything left from her estate sale was picked up by Sertoma. Let's just say they took their job very seriously, and took some things they weren't entitled to have.

I really liked that pink bathroom shelf, and I've kept my eye out for another one like it ever since. A few weeks ago, I found a similar shelf at the flea market at the Tulsa Fairgrounds. This one is black instead of pink, and there is only one shelf, while the other one had two shelves. It's not modern in style, but it is a very sweet vintage shelf. I painted it pink and now it is perfect for displaying some of my spaghetti poodles.

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