Friday, August 7, 2009

Retro Light Fixtures pt.2

In one of the funkiest areas of the house, there is a pole lamp coming out of a planter in the kitchen. The plastic plants seem to be original to the house. I actually took them all down to wash them and them put them back up. In the background is another one of the double sided bullet sconces. This one is placed horizontally.

There was originally a Nelson-type bubble lamp in the kitchen where this sputnik light is now. When we moved in, the original fixture had been replaced by a 1970s “flower lamp,” so we switched it out for this sputnik lamp that we bought on Ebay.

This is another light fixture from Ebay. I really like how the cone shape is combined with the sputnik lights. We don’t have any old photos of this room, so we don’t know what type of light was here originally. There was a ceiling fan here when we moved in.

A Double bullet sconce is another of the original fixtures in the house. There is a matching single bullet sconce in the hall.

The ceiling fixtures in the bathroom are another Ebay find. These fixtures are very similar to the original bathroom lights. Fortunately, we had photos of the bathroom in 1955 to go by when replacing the 1970s flower shaped lights that were in the bathroom when we bought the house. I never would have thought to put lights like this in the bathroom. We found a light fixture on Ebay that is identical to the original bathroom lights. The bad news is that we could only find one and there are two of them in the bathroom. We’re still looking. Surely another one will turn up someday.

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