Friday, August 7, 2009

Retro Light Fixtures pt.1

I have a mild addiction to funky vintage lamps, so it’s probably no surprise that the vintage light fixtures are some of my favorite things in my house. When I first saw the house, I was impressed that so many of the vintage fixtures were still in place. Because they’re easy to replace, they’re often one of the first things to go when someone is ready to update a room.

This fixture is original to the house. There are several other light fixtures identical to this one throughout.

This fiberglass bullet sconce is also original to the house. This sconce is in one of the bedrooms and there’s one like it inside the wet bar. We bought a desk lamp with the same fiberglass shades from Ebay.

This flying saucer lamp has also been in the house since 1955.

We replaced the 1970s stained glass chandelier in the dining area with this bubble lamp designed by George Nelson. We knew from the old pictures of our house that it originally had a fixture like this in the very same spot. It’s not vintage, but brand new from Modernica.


Gretchen said...

Your light fixtures are FABULOUS!

Mid Century Madam said...

Those light fixtures are fabulous. I can't believe they have survived all this time. Amazing.


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