Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pink Bathroom

Pink bathrooms—you either love them or hate them. I happen to be the type who loves them, so when we bought our house 4 years ago, I was really excited to finally have one. I was not so excited about the big brown sink or the carpeting, which we removed before we even finished moving in. Underneath the smelly carpet was a lovely pink tiled floor.
I quickly started the search for a replacement sink. The original pink toilet was still in place, so I wanted to find a sink that would match. It was made by Kohler, so I searched period magazines for Kohler ads to find out how the sink should look. Eventually a pink Kohler toilet and sink set came up on Ebay. The toilet in the set was identical to the one in our house, so I knew the sink would match.
The next thing we replaced was the light fixture, which looked like it had been installed at the time the brown sink was put in the bathroom. I found this really cool light fixture on Ebay. It was glass with gold spage-age designs printed on it. I won the auction, but unfortunately, the seller wrapped it only in saran wrap, with no bubble wrap or peanuts in the box. Of course it was broken into tiny shards of glass when it arrived. It was really sad.

I found another vintage light fixture that is correct to the period, but quite plain. I'm still looking for another light fixture like the one that arrived broken.
The original medicine cabinet had been replaced with a mirror, which didn’t give us much storage space in this small bathroom. We replaced the mirror with a simple medicine cabinet from Lowe’s.
The curtain came in a box of vintage fabrics that I bought years ago. It is a temporary fix until I find just the right fabric.
This is how the walls originally looked. This photo was taken from inside the linen closet.

While I’m on the subject of pink bathrooms, I’d like to mention a website devoted entirely to pink bathrooms. It’s called Save The Pink Bathrooms. If you own a pink bathroom, you can take the pledge to save yours by posting a photo on the website.


Tikimama said...

Hooray! Another pink bathroom fan! Love yours - you've been restoring it well.

Thanks for following my blog and I'm so glad I found yours! I'd be reading and commenting on all your posts right now, but it's 2:30 in the morning and I just hopped on the internet for a "second"! See you soon.....

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Love your bathroom!

I have both a pink bathroom and pink kitchen (both needing restoration before I can show any photos waaaa lol).

You blog is great, and I love LOVE your guest bedroom too!


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