Friday, August 21, 2009

Mid-Century Modern Guest Bedroom

I've almost finished decorating the spare bedroom in our house. The furniture is from Heywood Wakefield’s Encore Line and it came from an estate auction. The turquoise fiberglass chairs are from an antique mall. I’ve had the Beach Party poster since I was 11 or 12 years old.

The '50s Chartreuse lamp is from Ebay. The hula girl belonged to my great-grandmother. It sits on her old sewing machine that she used to sew countless objects. She was a seamstress who made custom western shirts. Next to the hula girl is an autographed photo of James Darren in his role as Moondoggie in Gidget.

The curtains are made from vintage barkcloth. The chartreuse lamps came from an antique mall and the shades were custom made by Moon Shine Shades. The bedding is from Target. The pretty blonde bass is an Engelhardt Swingmaster.
I bought the Frankie Avalon pillow at the flea market when I was about 12. I remember begging my dad to let me buy it. I was crazy for '50s and '60s stuff back then and my taste still hasn't changed. I still love those Frankie and Annette movies, too. Unlike the other Heywood Wakefield furniture in this room, the nightstand in this photo is from their Trophy line.


Anonymous said...

That is so awesome. I just bought a set of Encore. Yay!

moviemag46 said...

I am coming to visit...I am never leaving...:-) Love, love, love the Frankie pillow!

Jennie@Wedgwood Tulsa said...

Thanks! Since posting this, I've gotten a matching Fabian pillow.

I love your anme, moviemag46.

moviemag46 said...

You'll have to post a photo of the Fabian pillow on display :-)

Thanks...the name moviemag is appropriate, given the stacks of old movie magazines in my house...and the 46 is for the year of my mother's high school graduation.

Love your house, love your writing :-)


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