Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Libbey Mediterranean Glassware Vintage and New

In 1955, Libbey came out with new designs in their Continental glassware line designed "for young America." One of these new designs, called Mediterranean, has a mid-century modern fish design in turquoise and silver. The rims are silver, also. We've found 6 different glass shapes, but pilsner glasses were also available. We've been collecting these vintage glasses for several years and have amassed a pretty large collection.
Libbey sold the glassware in boxed in sets of 8 in each type of glass. A set of 8 tumblers cost $3.50 in 1955, while a set of 8 pilsner glasses sold for $5.50.
This design has been reissued, so watch out for reproductions if you want the real thing. Reproductions are frequently sold as vintage glassware. The first 2 photos show the vintage glassware. The photo above shows the new glassware with the same atomic fish design. These glasses are reproductions that we bought at Restoration Hardware several years ago. The differences are quite noticeable when the glasses are side-by-side. The sizes and shapes are different from the older glasses. Another difference between the reproduction and vintage glassware is that the original glasses have silver and turquoise fish, while the new glasses have turquoise and black fish. Also, the rims on the old glasses are silver and the rims on the reissued glasses are not.


Jill said...

Hello! So glad to have found this blog! I love the vintage '50's and '60's stuff also, especially glassware.

Vandrickson said...

I just found a set of seven pilsners in the basement of a home we just bought.

Thank you for the description

Wedgwood Tulsa said...

How lucky you were to find those glasses in the basement! I have a large set of them, but no pilsners.

Deb said...

I have one pilsner of the Mediterranean "atomic Fish" pattern by Libbey. My husband says his mother had dishes that went with these glasses, do you know anything about them? I'm trying to find a platter, but don't have any of the dishes.

Deb said...

I'm looking for dishes that go with the Libbey Mediterranean glassware from the 1950's, do you know anything about these?

Jennie@Wedgwood Tulsa said...


Interesting. I never seen dinnerware with the Mediterranean design on it. I did some searching for old ads by Libbey, but came up with nothing. Did it actually have the same fish design?

lauren said...

I found some water glasses and smaller juice glasses (the juice glasses have a turquoise rim). I'm wondering about the safety of drinking from these Mediterranean glass, though. Do we know anything about the toxicity (if any) of the silver (and turquoise) paint, or whatever it is, on the rim of the glasses?

ketz said...

Those fishes are so cute! I love to have this kind of glassware in our home but I wonder where can I bought this collection?

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