Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vintage NuTone In-Built Food Center

One of the original features in our vintage kitchen is this NuTone In-Built food center. This space-age device is a combination mixer, blender, juicer, and knife sharpener. The motor sits underneath the kitchen countertop and the various appliances can be changed at the top.

Ours is still works perfectly, but it’s missing the original 1950s appliances. We have a replacement set from the 1970s. We’d like to replace them with the 1950s attachments, but so far we haven’t been to to find any for sale. The original stainless steel mixing bowl is visible in the 1955 model home photos of our kitchen.

Above is a scan of the original instruction manual, which I found in the garage shortly after we bought the house. The photo below shows the countertop with the built-in appliance center. The dial on the top is removed and the attachments are placed in the slot. The dial below turns to adjust the speed.


Michelle said...

My son purchsed a house 2 years ago and has the same thing on his counter...just last week he was claning out a cupboard on his back proch when he discovered the booklet, intrusctions and all the attachments to the 'center', along with the blue prints of the re-model of the kitchen, dated 1959.

Michelle said...

My son bought a house 2 years ago, and just recently cleaned out the top part of a cupboard on his back porch, discovering the paperwork, booklet, and all of the attachments to this 'center',(he does have the base on his countertop)along with the blueprints of the re-model of his kitchen, dated 1959...very cool find!

Keith said...

If you are still looking for these attachments, contact me. My sister has these and would be interested in selling. She has the knife sharpener, food processor, standard mixer and meat grinder and instruction booklet. She also has the counter unit but it doesn't work currently. vagabondkeith at gmail dot com

Mark Lockareff said...

We just rented a house in Palo Alto, CA that is vintage 1958. Nothing has changed! We have the NuTone 'built-in' Food Center in our Formica counter but we'd love to find a blender pitcher to go with it. The house will be demolished and rebuilt this summer (2015) so I would like to keep the Nutone if we can find attachments. Looking for anyone who might have some.

vintage girl said...

Ebay has the attachments.

Mira said...

Did you sell these?


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