Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vintage Intercom Still Works

This intercom is original to our mid-century modern home. When we bought the house we were told the intercom didn’t work. We turned it on and nothing happened, so we thought it was true. Later, it occurred to us that it has vacuum tubes and needs to warm up before it will work. So, we tried it again and it worked! All but one of the speakers throughout the house still works.

It has a radio, AM only, of course. It’s very difficult to tune in a station. When we have been able to get a clear signal, the only station we could pick up was conservative talk radio.

The intercom has speakers on the front and back porches. The lady who sold us the house told us her husband used to sit on the back porch and listen to baseball games through the intercom’s radio.


Allvira said...

My grand pa also had an intercom. Till today, it is working properly but the volume is so slow...
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adam said...

You should really look into getting these things serviced by someone that restores radios and other tube type electronics. A tube can work for decades but there are other components that deteriorate due to age and when they go, smoke and eventually fire will produce. If you can't find someone that restores radios, go to a music store and see if they know anyone that works on tube type guitar amplifiers... that person should be able to rejuvenate your intercoms, hi-fi, etc.


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