Friday, July 24, 2009

Russel Wright Eclipse Glasses

Named for the pattern’s overlapping dots, Eclipse glasses were designed in the 1950s by Russel Wright and manufactured by Bartlett-Collins in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. They’re sometimes called ‘Sooner’ glasses, as well.

They were made in red, yellow, blue, and green with gold dots and a gold rim. I don’t know if they were ever made in any other colors. The ice bucket came in black, but I’ve never seen glasses in black.

These juice glasses have a different shape from all of the other Eclipse glasses. They’re straight, where the others are in the “Oklahoma” shape, which is wider at the top.

Below are Eclipse wanna-be glasses. Like the Eclipse design, they have bubbly dots in pretty colors and gold. However, the gold dots don’t overlap the colored dots. They differ from the Bartlett-Collins glasses in their size and shape.The rims are not gold like the Russel Wright glasses. The colors are different, too. Mine are turquoise, green, and red-orange. I’ve also seen them in pale pink. In some ways, I prefer these glasses. The colors go better with the color scheme in my house and the glass is thicker. I don’t know who manufactured them.


Linda said...

I recently bought a set of 8 tumblers with a gold carrying case and a red/gold ice bucket at an antique fair in Iowa because I liked the style even though I didn't know much about them. I love them even more now since my husband is from Oklahoma so now there is even a connection to where they were made.

bdietz0011 said...

I think I have 5 colors. In the 7" glass I have a red and a orange. The orange has not faded. I have 14 7" glasses and 8 juice or shot glasses. I love them.



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