Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Frigidaire Stove

This Frigidaire stove by GM is original to our house. We still use it and it works perfectly. It seems to be quite rare. I haven’t been able to find another one like it.

The unique thing about this stove is that the burners pull down when you want to use them. When the stove isn’t in use, you can fold them back out of the way for more counter space.

Frigidaire used this same concept in the 1960s with a range called the Flair. The Flair’s burners push in rather than fold back. There are several pictures of the Frigidaire Flair on the Retro Renovation website.

The heat control knob is called the “Heat-Minder.” That is almost enough to make me enjoy cooking. I said, almost.


Tony said...

I have seen one just recently here in charlotte nc at century antiques on central avenue ! Its the first time i have ever seen anything like it myself .:)

sheila said...

Hi, my daughter just moved into a home in Still/W,
OK that has this stove. How do you clean the top? It was very dirty. Do you know the exact name? Thanks.

Jennie@Wedgwood Tulsa said...


Luckily for us, we never had to deal with a really grimy stove. We bought the house from a lady who lived here for 30 years and kept the house immaculately clean. We just use a regular cleaner like Fantastic or 409.

Jennie@Wedgwood Tulsa said...


I forgot to answer the other part of your question. I don't know the name of the stove, but I have seen an ad for it in an old magazine. I think I have it somewhere. I'll try to find it and see if gives a name for the stove. I remember that the price was nearly $1,000. That's a lot of money in 1950's dollars.

I'm glad to hear someone else in Oklahoma had a working stove like this. I hope she enjoys it.

Team Roush said...

We have a stove top just like this too! Unfortunately one of the halfs doesn't work very well. Why don't they make new stoves like this, it's genius!

MaMa Jo said...

I have a similar range in my rental house. My burners fold up seperately. It worked fine until recently. I am in need of some parts (the heater element). Do you know where I could go to obtain such things?

beschouten said...

I'm selling one similar now if anyone is interested -

zinniamars said...

I have this same stove too, in PA! We've used it heavily since moving in about a month ago. One of the burners just went haywire and started shooting out sparks. After taking it apart, we discovered that a wire had been severed from years of folding it up and down. An electrician friend was able to repair it no problem, and we're cooking again. The model # is on the inside, below the "heat-minder" burner. It is RBW 84. Sheila- mine was gross too. I used soft scrub and a magic eraser. It worked like a charm.

CC said...

I grew up with this exact Frigidaire RBW 84 fold down electric stove. I am now renting the house out to my niece. If anyone is selling one I would be interested just for spare parts. I currently need the glass side panels and the switches. My email is Thank you If I can't keep it going it would mean a whole kitchen remodel.


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